autor, Locutus Borg. 
Locutus Borg otorga a cualquier persona el derecho de usar este trabajo para cualquier propósito, sin ningún tipo de condición, a menos que éstas sean requeridas por la ley.


Graphic art is a universal language and everyone understand it and uses it. It's a remarkable way of communicating with each other; to establish bonds of affinity, to show  our feelings of joy, anger, protest, love, in summarize everything that characterizes the human being in his most intimate and noble part, more challenging, more disturbing and more mysterious. It's the human being in all its projection.

Our Services

We offer a  great way to customize your apparel,  for business or personal use, our high quality heat press vinyl will give you a unique look.


Meet the Team

Herminio Reyes

Founder & CEO

Eddy Reyes

Vice President

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